PRODUCT REVIEW – Clinique Almost Powder Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15

Happy Monday 🙂 I hope you all had a restful (or at least fun) weekend.

I come bearing a product reveiw and I am pretty excited about it. Let’s start off with a little back story to get the party started, shall we?

I remember the first couple of years I ever started wearing makeup. Blue and pink sparkly eyeshadow’s were staples in my makeup routine. I made sure to cover my eyelids in that magical powder and I thought I looked hott. Well, I did look hott…at hott mess! If I could turn back time…I would…not change a thing to be honest. Thinking of  those bright eyeshadows and how I felt wearing them makes me nostalgic.

In addition, I remember plucking my eyebrows too thin; which is why I have to use a eyebrow pencil, over 10 or so years later. I remember red blush and poorly applied eyeliner, patchy in spots. I remember it all…but these are my roots. These memories give me an appreciation for how far I have come.

There is one thing however, that I still struggle with: FINDING A FOUNDATION THAT MATCHES MY SKIN.

Ladies and gentlemen….I am white. Not just a little bit…here are some of the comments I’ve recieved about my skin.

  • “You are porcelaine”
  • “You are snow white”
  • “You must burn really bad in the sun”
  • “You are a GHOST”
  • “It’s a shame you can’t tan”
  • “You’re legs are whiter than mine!”

Those are just a few examples.

Anyway, finding a foudation shade that matches my skin has been quite a struggle. In my early makeup days, I remember having that oh so attractive dark line around the base of my jaw or the top of my neck that signified my foundation was too dark for my skin.  The worst part of it was I never realized it until I got to school and nearly fainted out of embarrassment when one of my guy friends asked me what was going on with my skin.

To say that hasn’t happened since high school would be a lie, it has. Not as often, but sure enough…I’ve had the phantom line.

For my 16th birthday, my Aunt Melanie took me to the Clinique makeup counter in our local mall. I felt like an outsider. For years I had made my way through drug store foundations and felt like the higher end makeup counters were a place in which experienced, fancy, well to do women went to purchase their makeup.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, I had a seat at a silver swivel chair as the kind lady came up to us and asked if she could be of assistance. My aunt told her that I needed to be matched for a foundation. She told them I had sensitive skin and had been breaking out. I sat passively as she examined my skin. I remember her telling me I was so fair…so so fair. She took a makeup sponge and applied a few different colors of makeup onto my skin. Reminiscient of Goldy Locks, one was too dark, another was just a little off, and then we found it…the one, Alabaster. It was the most amazing shade and my first higher end makeup product. I felt like a princess. I wore that makeup for years and eventually made the transition to powder foundation. While I swich between brands for foundation, Clinique remains my home. Whenever other brands fail me, Clinique is always there to pick up the pieces.  Clinique offers an incredible powder foundation which I would like to share with you.

Recently, I went to the Clinique makeup counter in search of a powder foundation. After the matching process was over, they determined that Fair, was my tone. Who would have guessed, right?

This makeup is wonderful. I apply it on top of my concealer (Neutrogena smooth stick). I apply this with a small revlon kabuki brush that I picked up for 5 dollars at walmart. After buffing this foundation in, I realized it was the perfect shade for my skin!!! It matches me completely and I fell in love 🙂 It is extremely light and I do not feel like I am wearing makeup at all.

One of my favorite features of this foundation is the broad spectrum SPF!!! It is so important to use sunscreen and protect ourselves from the sun. —–>But seriously, you should by applying some sort of SPF everyday.

I love how this makeup is a pressed powder too. It is not messy what-so-ever which is a nice change from the Physicians formula loose powder foundation I was wearing! No random bits of foundation all over my outfit from loose powder spillage. 🙂

Better yet, this foundation lasts ALL FREAKING DAY and controls any oily spots.

The only thing I do not like about this foundation is the application sponge that comes with it. It does not do a good job of applying the foundation and leaves a chalky finish…yuck. Also, this foundation is on the pricier side of life and it appears as though you don’t get much product. I will let you guys know how long it takes me to finish this product.


I will purchase this foundation again! I am so happy to find one that matches my skin.  Woot! 🙂



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